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"Chosen" by: Sarah Swan

Hi everyone. I read Chosen a few days ago. I recommend this book to ages 12-16. It had a good story line and it was very enticing. It's a Paranormal book. It's not too scary and it has romance. Here's the description:         
Seventeen-year-old Tracy Bachman feels that something is missing in her life. Despite a normal beginning, she can't help but hope for more. That is why she decides to transfer to a new boarding school, that is all the way across the country.

An Unforgettable Adventure

When Tracy arrives at her new school, she expects a normal life. But what she finds there instead changes her in many ways.

A love interest she did not ask for.

A power she does not know about. 

And a clique of mysterious, popular girls determined to include Tracy in their affairs.

A Hidden Purpose

The girls Tracy meets all know she is different. Beneath their easy smiles lies a friendship laced with dark and unknown intentions. Will Tracy understand what they are trying to get in time to protect herself? Or will she find herself hopelessly caught in their long list of secrets?

A Forbidden Romance.

A suggestive glance. A secret meeting. In the midst of everything else, Tracy finds temptation in the very boy she is not allowed near. But as she pushes herself away, she falls right into the arms of another...

A Mystical World

Slowly, Tracy starts to understand that beneath her school's cover of splendor lies a dangerous, secretive world with  different supernatural powers. And before she knows it, she finds herself in the middle of it all.

All expectations are thrown out the window as Tracy struggles to balance love, friendship, adventure - and her newfound powers. But will she have enough insight to realize that there are others who would use her for that power closer than she can believe?

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