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"Embrace" by: Jessica Shirvington

Hi everyone. This post is about the first book in the Embrace series "Embrace". The author is Jessica Shirvington. Embrace is about how a teen girl, Violet, finds out she's a Gregori angel. She thinks its a lie at first.

Violet Eden Doesn't have a normal life after her friend, Lincoln, tells her she is Gregori. Her mom had died when she was just a newborn. So, she lives with her dad and he knows nothing about any of this. She doesn't tell him either. She tells her best friend though. Violet meets a boy named Phoenix. Is Phoenix the amazing, generous, sparkling type boy Violet thinks he is. And what will happen to Lincoln when his bloods all draining out of him. There's only one thing to do to save him. Violet would have to jump off a cliff to become an official Gregori. Then, heal him with the powers she would have. How does she know she will live? Will Violet risk her life for her crush and friend Lincoln? If she does live, will her life be ruined by being Gregori?

That was my version of the description. I suggest this book to teen girls ages 14 and up. It does have some cursing. This was a really good book!!!

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