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"Now and Forever" by: Susane Colasanti

Hi everyone. Today's book review is for the book "Now and Forever" by: Jenny Han. "Now and Forever" is a romance novel. It's not just about a boy and a girl falling for love, though. It is more like this:

Sterling is madly in love with Ethan, her boyfriend. Not only is Ethan the nicest person she's ever met, he's a VERY talented guitarist, singer, and songwriter. But when he becomes one of the most famous musicians in the world, what will happen to them? Will he have enough time for her? Then she meets Damon. A boy who does have time for her. But she still loves Ethan. What will happen with Sterling's love life? Will it all fix up for her and Ethan, or will she let Damon into her life?

This book was great in my opinion. I suggest this book to 14-16 year old girls. I hope you guys enjoy this book as much as I did.

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