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"Love? Maybe" by: Heather Hepler

Love? Maybe is about a teenaged girl named Piper. She has a problem: Her birthday is on Valentine's day. While most girls would be jumping up and down with excitement for a birthday on V-day, she deeply dreads it. She thinks V-day is just giving people a chance to shove the fact your single right in your face. Knowing that, her two best friends try to get her to go out with Ben Donovan, the school's most popular boy. Ben likes her a lot, but she's confused about her feelings for him. Thing is, it's not just love that troubles her, her guy friend that she's known her whole life is acting weird. What's going on with him? What happens to Piper and Ben? 
I give this book three stars. It was a quick, fast-paced read. It's great for reading on vacation because it goes along at a good pace and your head won't get too confused with what's going on in the story. 

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