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"The Cupcake Queen" by: Heather Hepler

Hi everyone. Yesterday I finished "The Cupcake queen" by: Heather Hepler. I liked it. The ending was a little off, though. I suggest this book to girls from ages 12-16. Here's the description with no spoilers.

Penny's life is falling apart. Her parents are separating, Her mom and her move to Hog's Hollow, and she's a long ways away from her friends back in Manhattan. She want's to go back. Then she meets a boy named Marcus and his dog, Sam. Marcus tells her about the planets. She also meets Tally, Blake, and Charity. Tally is her new best friend. Blake is Tally's other friend. Then there's Charity. The schools mean girl. Charity is Penny's enemy. They don't and will never be friends. Now, Penny has a big choice to make. Will she stay with her new friends (and enemy). Or will she go back home to Manhattan? Read the book to find out.

I hope you do read the book.

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