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"Ambitious" by: Monica Mckayhan

Hi everyone. I just finished reading "Ambitious" by: Monica Mckayhan. Ambitious is about a girl (and boy) who get into Premiere High. This book goes back and forth between a girl named Marisol Garcia and a boy named Drew Bishop.

Premiere High is the school of every actors, singers, and dancers dreams. It's a high school for The Arts. The only thing tougher than getting in is staying in. For Marisol Garcia it's a dream come true, that she got in. For Drew Bishop it's not only a dream come true it's a challenge.

Drew has always played basketball, the best on the team. His dad has always imagined him as a famous basketball player. But, Drew just wants to be an actor. He auditioned, he took the three pointer, and he scored. Drew won the game! Or did he? Now he's met Marisol, a lovely dancer. But does he start liking her as more than a friend?

Marisol has loved dancing ever since, well, she could. Her dream was always to go to Premiere High. So, when she gets in she is full of excitement. Then she meets Drew, a hot actor. She starts liking him a little more than a friend. What should she do?

I think this book was okay. It was a little slow, but it had a good plot. I give it two stars. 

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