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"The Princess Academy" by: Shannon Hale

"The Princess Academy" by Shannon Hale is a good book for ages 9-14. It has a little romance in it. It's a fiction book. I think it was good.

Here's the description: Miri is a fourteen year old who lives on a mountain in a small village. One day the king's men come to get all the girls young enough to marry the prince. They are going to go to a castle-like place, to start learning to be "laidies". They call it the Princess Academy. Miri does NOT want to go, but she has to, king's orders. Ugh! So, when Miri leaves her loving father and sister, she's not as happy as the other girls. She makes friends and enemies. What happens? Are they safe? But more importantly: Who will be chosen to marry the prince? Find out by reading the book!
This book is recommended to girls ages 9-14. I read it at 12. Hope you like the book!

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