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"Cinder" by: Marissa Meyer

       Cinder is about a teenage cyborg who has a mean stepmother and two stepsisters. Her best friend, Iko, is a robot. Prince Kai ends up asking Cinder to fix his phone, and, even though Cinder wouldn't admit it, she starts to fall for him. But then her step mom turns her in to help find a cure for the plague, Cinder is furious. She doesn't want to be a test subject, but since her step mom is her legal guardian, she's required to go. The reason her step mom turned her in is because of the money that will be given in return. Meanwhile, Cinder's stepsister - the one she can actually get along with - gets the plague and wounds up in the infirmary. What happens to her? What will Prince Kai do when he figures out Cinder's a cyborg? Will there be a happy ever after for Cinder? Or will it all come tumbling down, little by little?

       I give this book four stars. It was a great beginning to the series. I loved the way, Marissa Meyer writes her stories. I recommend this book series to girls ages 14 and up.

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