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"Frostfire" by: Amanda Hocking

Frostfire is about a girl named Bryn, who has dreams to protect the royal family. This book has a great amount of action and romance.
Frostfire is a book about Bryn, a girl who almost always sticks out. Being half Skojare half Kanin in an all Kanin community didn't help her much. Her ultimate goal is to become part of the Elite Guard to protect the royal family. But when she runs into Konstantin Black - the man who tried to kill her father - while tracking down one of the changelings, she tries to form a plan to get revenge. Every time she has a chance, he gets away. Meanwhile, Bryn and Ridley - her boss - start to form feelings for one another. Will she ever get into the Elite Guard? Will Konstantin get caught? And what will happen between Ridley and her?

I give this book four stars. It was a good read and had a great story. I wish it had more background on the characters. The next book, I feel, will be just as good. I recommend this book to girls ages 15 and up.

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  1. Love all of your wonderful reviews. I'm hearing about so many new books! :-)


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