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"Heartless" by Marissa Meyer

Heartless is about a girl, named Catherine, who just wants to bake. She plans to start a bakery with her maid, Mary Ann, but her mom wants her to marry the king. Catherine is the daughter of a marquis and is expected to marry well and be lady-like. On the night of a ball, the king planned to propose to Catherine, until the Jabberwock, a horrible creature, crashes in. Catherine doesn't find out that the king wanted to propose, until a disappearing cat, Cheshire, tells her. She doesn't want to marry him, so she and Jest, the mysterious king's Joker, do their best to subtly avoid the question. Jest and Catherine fall in love and they secretly plan to leave Hearts and go back to Jests home, but fate has many different twists and turns, some good, most bad.

I give this book four stars. Marissa Meyers did a great job with mixing in different characters from Alice and Wonderland, but the pace was a little fast. I liked it a lot. The story line was great. I recommend this book to girls ages 15 to 18.


  1. I really want to read this now!!!!!

    1. Yeah, it was a great book! I hope you like it, too!


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