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"Mosquitoland" by: David Arnold

       Mosquitoland is about a girl named Mim. Mim and her mom used to be close, but then her mom gets admitted into a recovery center and Mim gets sent to her father and step mom, Cathy in Mississippi. She doesn't like either of them. She blames them for hurting her mom. When she has had enough with them, she decides to take a bus back to Cleveland see her mom. On the bus, she meets new people. Some great, and some she never wants to see again. Join Mim on a journey for 897 miles of fun, rough decisions, humor, and adventure.

       I loved this book! It deserves five stars. At first, I was so so on reading it, but now I'm glad I did. I enjoyed how much I could relate to her without having those situations! It was truly amazing.

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