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"Obsidian" by: Jennifer Armentrout

Love mystery and suspense? Check out this review of Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout to learn more.

Obsidian is the first book in the Lux series. It’s about Katy, a teenager who has just moved to West Virginia from Florida with her mom after her dad dies. When she first introduces herself to Daemon, he’s a complete jerk and has a big temper. But his sister, Dee, is nice and friendly. Dee and Katie become good friends, and Daemon isn’t happy about it. He thinks Dee will get hurt and he just wants to protect her. Katie tries to find out what’s happening and Daemon is hell-bent on keeping the truth far away from her. Little does she know that the truth could get her killed. She wouldn’t be the first.

I give this book five stars. I really liked the story and characters. Dee’s my favorite. She has a great personality and she is a loyal friend. I recommend this book to girls ages 16 and up. It has some inappropriate comments but if you look past them, it should be okay for most.

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