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"Ruby Red" by: Kerstin Gier

Ruby Red was originally written in German. It's about a girl named Gwyneth Shepherd. Gwyneth's sophisticated cousin, Charlotte, has been training to time travel her whole life. Everyone knew she was going to inherit the ability - she had the right birth date for it, of course. But when Gwyneth spins into another era, things become a lot more complicated. Turns out people have been lying about Gwyneth's birth date, and she's not very happy about the big change in her life. She wanted to be a normal girl with normal friends and a normal family. But then again, life can be a complete Hündin....especially when you least expect it.

I'm definitely giving this book five stars. It has an amazing story and I've actually read the entire trilogy. At first I didn't like  All three books were Ausgezeichnet! I just loved Lesley, Gwyneth's best friend. I hope you love this book, too!

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