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"Me Before You" by: Jojo Moyes

Me before you is about a girl who gets the job to care for a man in a wheelchair.
Me Before You is about an ordinary young woman named Louisa Clark. Louisa has never been out of the small village she and her family live in. When she applies for the only job she can find, she doesn't know what to expect. She gets the job and has to help care for Will Traynor, a man in a wheelchair. Will has pretty much traveled all over the world, until the accident that destroyed it all. He isn't happy about this new life and hasn't hidden his feelings. In fact, he's probably done the complete opposite. He has been moody, rude, and bossy. At first, Louisa doesn't say anything, but then she decides that he shouldn't be treated as a kid. Louisa ends up caring for him dearly and when she figures out his plans, she begins the mission to show him that life can still be extraordinary. He just has to accept that is won't be exactly the same as before.

I loved this book. It deserves five stars. I love how realistic it is. The ending was kind of shocking, but it was honest. I can't wait to read the sequel 'After You'.

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