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"The Last Song" by: Nicholas Sparks

The Last Song is about a seventeen-year-old girl named Veronica “Ronnie” Miller’s life after it went spiraling downhill when her parents split up and her father moved to North Carolina. After three long years, she still remains angry with her parents, especially her father. When her mother decides it would be a good idea for Ronnie and her brother, Jonah, to spend the Summer in North Carolina with him, she's furious.
Her father is a former pianist and teacher. Living a patient life by the beach, he's engaged in creating artwork for the church nearby. He lets Ronnie have her space, but he still tries to interact with her, even though she ignores him. The chance comes when she finds a turtle nest in front of their house. She takes the responsibility to keep the predators away. She meets Will and they start off with many arguments, but they slowly start to fall for each other. Will she and her dad finally build a good relationship? Will she and Will's conflicts come between them? And what will happen when the summer ends?

This book is remarkable. It most definitely deserves five stars. I love how realistic the relationships are. My favorite character is Jonah, Ronnie's younger brother. He somewhat holds Ronnie and her father's relationship together and adds some life to the story. Nicholas Sparks is a phenomenal writer and I hope you enjoy this book as much, if not more than I did. 

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