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"The 5th Wave" by: Rick Yancey

Cassie and her family were doing pretty well until The Others came. First, everything powered down; airplanes, phones, cars, lights, everything. Then, only the ones who didn't get washed away survived. The third wave killed Cassie's mother, along with millions more, with a plague. The arrival of the Silencers, a group of 'Others' who were sent to kill leftover humans. That's when they came. For safety, the kids were taken to a military base, to be trained to fight. Including her younger brother, Sam. When she is accidentally left behind, she has to find her way back to him. When she is shot, she is helped by Evan, another teenager trying to survive. When she is finally healed, he helps her search for her brother, and that's when it hits: The 5th wave.

I'll give the first book in the series four stars and second book three stars. I wish that the second one would have been at a slower pace. As for the first book, I felt as if it was written more clearly. I love Cassie's determination to find her brother. It shows the sibling bond between the two. She's not only doing it for her parents, she's doing it because the loves him. When they were separated, she immediately started to search for him. The first time Evan was introduced, I was thinking 'don't fall for any tricks' and when he was with the gun 'hunting', it was pretty obvious something was up. If you weren't suspicious at first, you certainly should have been in that moment, but as you keep reading you're slowly letting your guard down. Or at least I did, and I end up liking him, which may give you a huge hint but I can't deny it. I ship Cassie and Evan. Ben can have Ringer. What would be their ship names? Evie? Benger? But then again, they have to survive in order to have a future. Read to find out.

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