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"The Lovely Reckless" by: Kami Garcia

The Lovely Reckless is about a teenager named Frankie whose boyfriend was murdered right in front of her. After the incident, everything went downhill. Mostly because she blames herself. She would have told the police what the killer looked like. That is, if she knew. All she remembers is seeing the horrid events happen. She can't remember his face, and it haunts her knowing that she can't help the police put him behind bars. They have no way of figuring it all out. No security cameras, no witnesses (other than Frankie, nothing. when her mom and step dad get tired of her behavior after she is caught drinking and driving, she is sent to her father, an undercover cop. The plus side is that she can go to school with two of her best friends, Lex and Abel. But on her first day, she already witnesses a fight, which is common in the Downs. Marco, one of the guys fighting, is soon attached to Frankie, as she is to him as well. He's very attractive, but Frankie is still cautious around him at first. As she meets a new friend who usually doesn't get along with her peers, Frankie begins to feel at home. But there's still some concerns, Marco's friend Deacon seems kind of sketchy, her dad won't stop pestering her about her safety, and Abel seems to be keeping things from Lex and her. Can Frankie start her life up again? What will happen between Marco and her? Will she get into even more trouble? This is the Downs, after all. Who knows what could happen?

I give this book five stars. I've read it three times. I love how there is always something happening. This book won't give your heart a break until the end. Cruz is definitely my favorite character. She doesn't put up with anyone's bull crap and she protects the people she cares about. I feel like we have that in common. We both stand up for our friends and family and even though we've been through a lot of things, we don't give up hope.

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