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Busted by Gina Ciocca

Busted is a book about Marisa, a high school girl who accidentally finds her best friends boyfriend cheating on her. When her childhood fr-enemy, Kendall, finds out and asks Marisa to help spy on her boyfriend, TJ, she isn’t given the chance to say no. Marisa starts to befriend TJ to see if anything suspicious is going on with him. Other than him meeting up with someone in a car for not even ten minutes every now and then, he just seems withdrawn from Kendall.

When Lily’s best friend gets in trouble for something she didn’t do, Marisa starts working to figure out who really did it. Between helping her childhood frenemy and her best friend, she thought she had enough on her plate. But then, she starts falling for TJ and things spiral out of control!

This book was fairly good. The only thing is that I was frustrated at the end. It felt like there wasn’t enough closure considering some things were left in the dark. They weren't major events, just some things I wished Gina would have elaborated on. The characters felt realistic and fun. It was an overall enjoyable read.

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