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Existence by: Abbi Glines

I believe I first saw this book recommended on Youtube, but I can't say for sure. However, I'm glad I took the advice to read it!

Existence is about a girl who cheated death...and fell in love with him along the way. Pagan Moore has been able to see ghosts all her life, but has hid it from everyone for good reason. She has learned that if you don't pay attention to them, they'll just leave. The one's she has tried to communicate with, haven't said a word. So imagine her surprise when one does. Of course, she wants answers, but will he give her any? What does he say when he shows up in school as a real person to tease her? Do we even want to know the consequences of death breaking hell raising rules? Read to find out!

I give this book 7/10. It was hard to comprehend in some parts, but that might be just me.

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