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Switched By: Amanda Hocking

First off, I can't believe I haven't reviewed this book yet. Let me start with a little bit of back story: I used to despise reading. I know, I know. It's hard to believe considering how into reading I am. My mom, being the reading specialist she is, would bring home books from the library trying to get my head into a book. She would PAY me to read!! She would bring home mostly fictional books that I thought were childish. I was, no, am extremely picky. Then, one day, she brought home a book that a librarian recommended called "Switched". I was already intrigued by the cover. It was blood red with a girl sitting in a field of flowers and the shadow of a castle in the background. I remember sitting on the bed in our guest bedroom, opening the book, and starting to read it. The first words I read were "When I was eleven, my mother was convinced I was a monster and tried to kill me." I was already in love. It was suspenseful and beautifully written. Of course, I finished it in a day and asked my mom to get the rest of the series, 'Torn' and 'Ascend'. That was when my journey into other worlds started....metaphorically speaking, of course.

This book doesn't have as big of a fan base as Divergent or even After (review coming soon), but it should be known by everyone. It's about a girl named Wendy whose mother tried to kill her on Wendy's eleventh birthday because she thinks Wendy is a devil that took her son's place after she gave birth. A lot of info, I know. Thankfully, her brother, Will, got to their mom and grabbed the knife before any severe harm was done. After that, Will and Wendy lived with their aunt. They moved from place to place because Wendy kept getting expelled for bad behavior. When Wendy starts at a new school, she meets a guy named Finn that stares at her constantly. He starts introducing her to a whole new world she never would have imagined existed. A world she belonged in.

I definitely request this book. It's magnificent! It got past my 13 year old stubborn self, so I give it a LOT of credit. 10/10 stars!

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