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Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett

I somehow found this book when looking for a different one on Book Outlet, and I'm not sad about it. While reading the book, I was thrown into many feelings - guilt, love, betrayal, anger - on behalf of the character. Those kind of books are the best kinds to read. They make you experience the character on a whole other level. For that, I thank Jenn Bennett.

Starry Eyes may seem like one of those best-friends-turned-enemies-turned-lovers books, but it is also so much more. It's a story about Zorie and Lennon. They used to be best friends before one day Lennon just stops talking to her. Zorie doesn't know why, and frankly she doesn't feel like being one of those girls who chases after a guy. So, instead, they stay away from each other. Until, their 'friends' invite them on a glamping trip. Zorie, not knowing Lennon is going, agrees. Not without hesitation, of course. When she finds out Lennon is going, she plans to just stay away. Obviously he hasn't put in any effort, so why should she? Of course, it doesn't turn out that way. Instead, they slowly start talking.

When the group gets kicked out of the glamping site, they decide to start outdoor camping earlier then planned. When a huge argument erupts, Lennon and Zorie are left on their own to survive the wilderness. Are they going to have a breakthrough? Or will they get eaten before then? What happens when old feelings erupt? Add in a few bears, lightening, and snakes and you have one hell of a story.

The fact that the girl isn't desperate for the guy makes me like this story better. I feel as though a lot of stories now-a-days are all about the girl chasing after the guy. I love the girl power in this book. It's very refreshing! 9/10.

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