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Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

I was debating if I wanted to read this or not. I had heard many mixed reviews it, but I ended up deciding to read it because it's a big deal in the romance/contemporary world. I thought 'why the heck not.' It came in the mail and I left it on my desk for a few days before finally picking it up to read.
Anna and the French Kiss is about a girl named Anna (who would've guessed?) who is unexpectedly and unwillingly sent to a boarding school in France by her father. She's disappointed to miss her senior year with her friends, especially after an amazing kiss with her long-time crush, but she ends up making some new friends pretty quickly. Enters Étienne St. Clair, a charming guy who helps her settle into the area. I mean, she did just move to another country. While the tension between the two is tight, he has a girlfriend and she has her crush back at home. Even so, no one can deny their chemistry. 

I was wrong to think this would just be another romance novel. It would be a great starter for entering the contemporary world or even just to read on a Summer day by the pool. It's a big deal in romance for a reason!

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