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Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

I had to wait a while to get this book, but it was totally worth it! I ordered it a few days before my trip and I have to admit I was a little anxious that it was arriving while I was gone. What if someone stole it? Luckily, when I got back a week later it was fine.
Beautiful Disaster is about Abby who is trying to escape her sketchy past by going to Eastern University. A university far away from home. There, she becomes a 'good girl'. She doesn't drink or do drugs and quite frankly she'd like to keep it that way.
In enters Travis. Eastern University's Walking One-Night Stand. He gets loads of money from the fighting ring and is everything she needs to avoid in order to escape her past. Yet, of course, he gains interest in her the second she doesn't fall for his charms. So, they make a bet: If she wins, he remains abstinent for a month. But if he wins, she moves in with him for the same amount of time. Will feelings get involved? I mean, this is a romance novel after all.
I loved this book. It has the perfect ups and downs. Abby is a strong main character and I respect that. Especially when so many romance books have damsels in distress. Jamie McGuire did amazing and I give this book 5/5.

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