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The Deal by Elle Kennedy

This is about The Deal by Elle Kennedy. Read my review!

The Deal is written in both Hannah Wells' and Garrett Graham's point of view. Hannah Wells has a major crush on her school's football star, Jacob. He's mysterious, quiet, and doesn't have a new girl every night. Garrett Graham's the total opposite. When he fails his midterms and his GPA starts plummeting, he has to find a tutor. Hannah Wells was one of the only people to ace the test, so she's the obvious choice for a tutor. Well, she doesn't think so. In order to convince Hannah to tutor him, he has to find out what she wants. When he finds out about her crush, he offers to help make him jealous. 
Even though they don't get along right off the bat, they form an unlikely friendship. When they kiss and Garrett realizes he wants more, he has to pull out all the stops to make her realize they're meant to be.

This book turned out to be one of my favorites. It brings up sexual assault and domestic abuse awareness. Elle Kennedy did an amazing job writing a fun, yet serious, story. Not to mention all the steamy scenes! It's hard to do and I applaud her. I definitely recommend the entire Off Campus series.

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